Exterior components have special requirements for their parts. This starts with their size, which is often quite large. Side panels, front flaps, or front masks often cover the entire width of a train. These dimensions have been taken into account in the design of our facilities.
But there are also special requirements for the components themselves, as well as for the design of the components. Operational safety in all operating conditions, whether in the summer heat or winter cold, is essential. Both the components and their fastening must meet all requirements. To achieve this, manufacturing tolerances must be minimized. This is one of the reasons why we only use state-of-the-art processes such as prepregs and infusion.


Our exterior components withstand all weather conditions. The use of high-performance materials protects against snow, ice, and heat. Our panels and coverings also meet your requirements. We achieve high heat resistance of over 120°C under continuous load. Additionally, our design, with a focus on fiber volume fraction, results in the highest strength levels. Therefore, our components demonstrate their capabilities, especially under high mechanical stress.
And if you want certainty: We conduct long-term tests and calculations in-house. Contact us to learn more!