Our Services

Need to go abroad - to/from Germany or elsewhere ?
Check out our Outsourcing Services. As your partner in fulfilling offset obligations or serialization tasks for manufacturing needs. Close to FAL Hamburg Operations we are the helpful hand in your project plans.

Starting a new Development or a common phase with a customer ?
Develop while you move. As product cycles increase more joint development phases are necessary. Using your home base often collides with other projects, takes time, gives your customers a maximimum in visibility in your cost base. Why not using a partial or complete factory on a rental basis for this phase ? No hassle, free capacities, no investments in machinery, no training for the personell.

Rent it, use it, develop with your customer and leave it. We provide you with a complete industrialized facility. We know how to run it and even better: We'll run it on your command.

Use our production areas for testing, pre serial production, training on the job and more ! Tell us about your needs. We are happy helping you achieving your goals.

Rework: Delivering to Final Assembly line and need some rework ?
We are here to help. An hour away. We pick it up, bring it to our facility and start the work. We use your materials and standards. We have the machines, we store the moulds, we liase with the customers. Let's keep your customer happy.

At your Hands:
We offer 3D Scanning, Tactile measurement, 3D-Design (SolidWorks 2019 incl. FEM and Analysis), CAM Programming. Various testing Hardware, Further testing laboratories are just 40 Miles away, NC-Cutting Milling 3 Axis (2500x1250) and 5 Axis (3000x2000x1000mm); Waterjet Cutting(2000x3000mm), Curing: Autoclave 3500x1480, Numerous Oven, Presses, 2 Paint Booths aprox 6500x3500x3000mm. Various cetrifications for Bonding, QM9001, EN 15515 etc.

Last but not least: Including a creative and dedicated team of specialists burning for composites.

Easy Logistics
Located just about 60 miles from Hamburg we combine our composite expertise with the capabilities of a state of the art production site. The next Motor-/Highway is about 5 miles away. Coming from abroad or domestic: Easy accesible through Hamburg Airport it is a quick drive to our facility. And as we are close to the FAL Hamburg your customer is just an hour away.